Casual Dining in Connecticut

Casual dining, but with a regional touch, is found in all parts of Connecticut. Did you know that the hamburger was invited at Louis' Lunch in New Haven? That's right. That seaside city also is famous for its authentic Italian pizza, which you can find at Sally's Apizza and Frank Pepe's The Spot.
Other casual restaurants everywhere welcome families and people on the go. Take a sandwich break and plan family activities for your vacation.
Village Pizza - Historic Wethersfield, CT
Historic Wethersfield

Options for dining are as plentiful as the 18th-century homes and charming vistas in this historic town

Part of the fun of visiting Historic Wethersfield, whether you’re planning an extended weekend getaway or a pleasant day trip, is casual dining in comfortable, picturesque surroundings. From a tavern in an 18th-century home to a waterfront restaurant on the banks of the Connecticut River, there is a dining experience for everyone. Start your day with a grilled blueberry muffin at a diner, grab a lobster roll at a fish market restaurant for lunch, then feast on steak frites at a cozy table by the fire at a restaurant in the historic village. Ethnic dining includes Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek and Japanese restaurants. During farmers’ market season, stop by the market for Mexican food, wood-fired pizzas and other tempting possibilities.