Mystic Connecticut agritourism and ecotourism sites offer fun and tasty farm visits

Green Valleys 500x250 - Connecticut Wine Trail - Various Locations in CT
Connecticut Wine Trail

Special wine places, special wine people

Winemakers along the coast have discovered that complementary enterprises help increase farm revenues and provide an additional incentive for visitors to stop by in a collective movement called agritourism. Many travelers today are looking for an authentic down on the farm experience and the vineyards and wineries along Connecticut’s Wine Trail are giving it to them - along with an almost unlimited selection of fine wines. You can tour the wineries and explore historic barns, buildings, homes, churches and shops that grew up nearby. With coastal microclimates, you can taste and savor the distinct regional differences in each varietal. Along the way, you’ll meet the dedicated farmers and passionate winemakers and enjoy the beautiful places and scenery they maintain for all of us.