Casual Dining & Restaurants in Great Hartford & Central Connecticut (CT)

Village Pizza - Historic Wethersfield, CT
Historic Wethersfield

Lots of places to grab a quick bite or dine in style in this historic town

Time for a break in between exploring the gorgeous homes and walking the scenic trails of historic Wethersfield? You’re in luck, because this charming town has a vast variety of places to enjoy some great food while you relax. Whether you want to grab a sandwich at a diner, a cup of coffee at the village coffee roasters or sit down to an ethnic meal, there is a long menu of restaurants from which to choose. From Asian buffets to American bistro, from Mexican grills to Italian pizzerias, there’s something for every diner. And you can’t leave Wethersfield without sampling an ice cream or pastry from one of several shops. Restaurants are located in the Old Village as well as on the main commercial roads.