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Goat Kids - Beardsley Zoo - Bridgeport, CT
Beardsley Zoo

1875 Noble Avenue Bridgeport, CT, 06610 Phone: 203-394-6565

It’s all about animal magnetism at this friendly, expansive zoo

Who doesn’t want to spend a day at the zoo? And at the Beardsley Zoo, there is so much to see and do. Check out everything from boa constrictors to bison, from the two-toed sloth to the Siberian tiger, at this zoo, where endangered and threatened species are front and center but where variety rules. There’s the Madagascar hissing cockroach, for example, if you think small. Want something a bit bigger? Check out the Siberian tiger or the giant anteater. You can rent a stroller, grab lunch at the Peacock Cafe and go for a spin on the zoo’s colorful carousel. Check out a full slate of events and activities designed for kids of all ages.