Connecticut's fine crafts and artisan work make shopping a joy

New England is a wonderful place to shop for fine crafts and handmade artisan work because of its long history, economic ingenuity, and rural traditions. A sterling example is silverwork and pewter work crafted by Paul Revere of Boston, which continues to influence today’s artists. Most states have guilds of artists, artisans, and crafts makers that promote local artistry and bring artisan products to the market. Local fine crafts often can be found at the larger farmers markets and festivals. As in other New England states, organizations of Native American tribes share their cultures with the public in many ways, among them museums that sell Indian jewelry, pottery, baskets, and other crafts.
September on Main Street - Historic Wethersfield, CT
Historic Wethersfield

Shopping in historic Wetherfield is as unique as the town itself

As you walk down Wetherfield’s Main Street, past old homes, historic sites and tree-filled parks, you can’t help but be intrigued by the assortment of craft shops, galleries and stores. Stop in to peruse artwork, admire handmade crafts or try on custom-designed jewelry. Take a ceramics class or consider which frame will be perfect for your new painting. See if an antiques store has any items to add to your silver collection. Or just pick up those unique treasures that make vacation shopping so much fun. Some of the historic town’s museums also have gift shops for those special items. Stop by the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center for a map and a list of local attractions.