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Shellfishing in Mystic Connecticut is a fun activity for all ages.

Shellfishing in Connecticut is limited to "approved" and "conditionally approved -- open" areas. People shellfishing for recreation should contact the town health department where they wish to fish to find out where shellfishing is allowed, whether a local license is required, and other local shellfishing laws.

Recreational shellfishing in Connecticut is limited to one-half bushel of shellfish per day taken during only daylight hours. Implements to take shellfish must have a one-inch or greater spacing between the teeth. Recreational shellfish are intended to be consumed by the harvester and family members. Recreational harvesters cannot offer their shellfish for sale or barter.

Recreational scalloping is limited to people who have lived in Connecticut at least one year. Scalloping is restricted by local laws, ordinances or regulations which may require a town scallop license.

Note: There are no approved or conditionally approved areas in Bridgeport, Clinton, East Haven, Ledyard, Montville, New Haven, New London, Old Lyme, Stratford, Westbrook or West Haven, There is one conditionally approved area in Old Saybrook. Call Larry Bonin at 860-395-3125 for information. Shellfishing is not allowed in any fresh water areas.

For more information, see the 2008 Guide to Shellfishing Along the Coast of Connecticut or call the Connecticut Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Aquaculture at 203-874-0696.

Shellfish that may be harvested in Connecticut waters include the Eastern or Atlantic oyster, hard, round, or quahog clam, long, soft-shelled, or steamer clams, razor or jackknife clam, surf clam, blue mussel, whelks, conch, winkles or scungilli, scallop, and bay scallop.
Bluff Point Coastal Reserve

Depot Road, off US Route 1 Groton, CT Phone: 860-444-7591

Walking in wooded peninsula and along rocky coast; seabird watching; shell fishing allowed

A permit is required for shell fishing off the rocky coast of this peninsula. Permits are issued by the Town of Groton, at Route 1 and Depot Road.
See a full description on our State & Local Parks page.
Waterford Shellfishing & Clamming

Waterford Town Hall, 15 Rope Ferry Road Waterford, CT, 06385 Phone: 860-444-5812

Purchase permits at Waterford Town Hall; local bait and tackle shops.
Fees: Yearly fee is $25 for residents; $35 for non-residents. Permit year is April 1 to December 31. Monthly fee is resident, $15; non-resident, $20. Weekly fee is residents, $10; non-resident, $15. Daily fee is resident, $5; non-resident, $10. Seniors pay $12 for resident and $25 for non-resident in all time periods.
Information: Shellfish Information Line is 860-739-6233. Shellfish Status Information is 860-444-5812
Groton Shellfishing & Clamming

Groton Town Hall, 45 Fort Hill Road Groton, CT Phone: 860-441-6640

Permits: Buy permits at Groton Town Hall, 45 Fort Hill Road, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Cash or check accepted. Buy permits at the town Police Department, 68 Groton Long Point Road, evenings and weekend. Cash and exact change only.
Fees: Residents: Daily,$5; weekly, $10; monthly, $12; yearly, $25; non-residents: daily, $8; weekly, $15; monthly, $20; yearly, $35. Senior resident, $10; senior non-resident, $20
Shellfish Infoline: 860-441-6793. - Shellfishing Map
Stonington Shellfishing & Clamming

Recreational permits for clams, oysters and other shellfish are available on an annual basis. Scallop harvesting is allowed on a seasonal basis, also by daily or seasonal permit. A permit is required for fishers age 12 and older.
Fees: Stonington resident, $15; resident senior, free; non-resident. $30; non-resident senior, $10. A shellfish permit is good for the calendar year in which it is issued. Buy permits at Don’s Dock, 228 North Water Street (860-535-0077)
Bed Closures: To determine the current status (open or closed) of recreational shellfishing areas in Stonington, call 860-599-7575. Recreational shellfishing map.
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Waterford / East Lyme / Niantic River / Niantic Bay

East Lyme Town Hall, 108 Pennsylvania Avenue Niantic, CT, 06357 Phone: 860-739-6233

Purchase permits at East Lyme Town Hall; local bait and tackle shops; shellfish warden office at state launch ramp. All shellfishing is by permit only. The conditionally approved areas open and close for shellfishing dependent upon the season and/or rainfall. - Niantic Bay Fishing Grounds Map
Information: 860-739-6233
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