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Biking paths are numerous in Fairfield Connecticut

Housatonic Rail Trail in Trumbull (Pequannock Valley Greenway)

Tait Road to Old Mine Park Trumbull, CT Phone:

Trail Length: 3.4 miles

This fairly flat trail overlooks the winding Pequonnock River for 3.4 miles. The trail starts at Tait Road. As Route 25 crosses the railroad track, there is a short hill to Parlor Rock Park to the wooden bridge under Route 25. Through Old Mine Park, the trail parallels the park entry road. After Route 111, the trail splits. A new trail bears right and ends at the Victorinox property. From Victorinox, turn left and cross through the parking lot. Just after crossing a bridge, turn left to resume the trail.
Parking: To park near the old town hall, take State Route 25 to Exit 9 and turn south on Daniel's Farm Road. Take a right on State Route 127 and a right on Tait Road to the small parking area beside the old town hall. The trailhead is 50 yards down the road on the left.
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