Directions for travel through and in Connecticut by car

bycarinct A number of interstate highways and state and local roads serve every part of Connecticut. Historic Post Road (that is, Route 1 and its scenic offshoots, Route 1A) takes travels along the Connecticut coast, while I-95 covers the same ground, just a bit inland and faster.
I-91 shoots due north from the New York City region into and through centrally located Hartford. Local highways and country roads take visitors into every corner of the state, including bucolic western Litchfield.
Connecticut map

Auto Routes to Northeast Connecticut

Getting to Northeast Connecticut by Car
Two interstate highways run through Northeast CT, leading to the state and U.S. highways that course through the state. I-395 moves northward through the region, and is accessible from I-95 which runs along coastal Connecticut. I-84 runs northeastward through Hartford and into the Northwest Corner of the region.

How to reach the various towns:
  • Ashford can be reached via state route 89 or US Highway 44.
  • Brooklyn is bisected by U.S. Route 6, accessible from I-395.
  • Canterbury is located off CT state route 14, or scenic highway 169.
  • To reach Chaplin, take U.S. Route 6, from I-395 or I-84.
  • Columbia is reachable from state Route 66 or Route 87.
  • To get to Coventry, take I-84 to Route 31 South, to U.S. 44.
  • Eastford can be reached state Route 198 south from I-84 or U.S. 44.
  • Take I-395 to U.S. Route 6 (Exit 91) West to reach Hampton.
  • Killingly can be reached due North, right off of I-395.
  • To reach Lebanon, take I-395 to Route 2 West.
  • Mansfield can be reached by taking CT state Route 32 North to Route 195.
  • Plainfield is located off I-395, exits 87 through 90.
  • For a scenic route to Pomfret, take state Route 169 North from I-395.
  • Putnam is located of I-395 at exits 95, 96 and 97.
  • To reach the town of Scotland, take I-395 to state Route 97 North.
  • Sterling can be reached by taking I-395 to Route 14 East (exit 89). Sterling is located off of Route 14.
  • In the furthest corner of Northeast CT, Thompson is located off I-395 at exits 98-100.
  • In the Northwest corner of the region, Union is located off of I-84 at exits 73 and 74.
  • Willington is located off of I-84 at exit 71.
  • Windham (and Willimantic) can be reached via state Route 32 North, off Route 2.
  • To reach Woodstock, take scenic Route 169 North from I-395.

Auto Routes to the Housatonic Valley of Connecticut

Getting to the Housatonic Valley by Car

The Housatonic Valley is reachable via I-84 (New York is to the West, Hartford to the East), or from I-95 take U.S. 7, Route 58 or Route 25 North.

Here's where you'll find the region's various towns:

Bethel is bisected by CT Routes 302, 58 and 53. U.S. Route 6 and I-84 run across the northern part of the town.

Bridgewater is found off of CT Routes 67 and 133.

Brookfield can be reached on U.S. Route 7. The center of town is at the intersection of CT State Routes 25 and 133.

I-84 runs directly through the center of Danbury, which is reachable from exits 1 - 8 off the interstate. U.S. Route 7 also traverses Danbury, as well as CT State Routes 37 and 39.

New Fairfield town center is found at the intersection of CT State Routes 37 and 39.

New Milford is the region's northernmost town, and is reached via U.S. 7/202 and CT State Route 67.

Newtown is the Housatonic valley's eastern-most town, and is located off exits 9, 10 and 11 off I-84. The town center is right near the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and CT Route 25.

Redding can be reached by taking CT Routes 53, 58 and 107.

Ridgefield is the region's southernmost town, and the center of town is located where CT Routes 33, 35, 102 and 116 converge. U.S. Route 7 follows a north/south course along the eastern edge of the town.

Rural Sherman is bisected by CT Route 37. The town center is at the intersection of Route 37 and CT Route 39, which comes to an end there.

Auto Routes to Hartford and Central Connecticut

Getting to Hartford By Car

Because Hartford is Connecticut's capital and a major city, it is easily accessible by Interstates and major roads. From points West and South: Take I-84 East, which heads northeast from New York state into Connecticut and then up into Hartford. I-91 North also goes right into Hartford, and begins off of I-95, the main highway that comes up the East Coast.

From points East and North: I-91 South will take travelers from Northwestern New England and Canada down through the center of Massachusetts and into Hartford. I-84 West comes into Hartford from Eastern New England and connects from highways out of Maine, Eastern New Hampshire and Boston.

Auto Routes to the Litchfield Hills

Getting to the Litchfield Hills By Car

From Long Island, New York City or Westchester County:

Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to the Saw Mill River Parkway, to I-684 North to I-84 East via Danbury to the town routing listed below.

From New Jersey:

Take the Tappan Zee Bridge, then Exit 8 onto either I-287 east or the Sawmill River Parkway. Then pick up I-684 north to I-84 east via Danbury to the town routing listed below.

From Boston or Hartford:

Take the Mass Turnpike (I-90) west to the Sturbridge Exit. Take I-84 West via Hartford to the town routing listed below.

Town Routing:

Southbury -- Exit 15 off I-84 to CT Route 6

Bristol -- Exit 31 off I-84 to Route 229 to Route 72 or Route 6

Litchfield -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to Exit 42. Pick up Route 118 west to Route 202.

Torrington -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to Exit 44.

New Milford -- Take 7 off I-84 to Route 7 north. Pick up Route 202 or Route 7.

Winsted/Norfolk -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to the end of the highway (in Winsted) to Route 44 north.

Salisbury/Lakeville -- Take I -684 north to Route 22 north. Pick up Route 44 east into Salisbury.

Auto Routes to Coastal Fairfield

Getting to Coastal Fairfield By Car
  • From New York City, New Jersey and points South and West, take I-95 North. Coastal Fairfield County begins just over the border from New York State.
  • From Rhode Island, Massachusetts and points North and East, take I-95 South.
  • For a more scenic drive from Massachusetts, take U.S. Route 7 South, which ends at I-95 outside of Norwalk.

Auto Routes to the New Haven Region

Getting to New Haven By Car

The Greater New Haven area is bisected by two Interstates, I-95 (which runs along the coast) and I-91 (which heads due north into Massachusetts).

From Hartford CT, Springfield MA and points north, take I - 91 South, which will lead you into New Haven.

From Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, and Eastern Massachusetts, take I-95 South along the coast.

From New York City and points south and west, take I-95 north along the coast.

To reach specific towns in the area:

Ansonia is located at exit 19 off CT Route 8, accessible from I-95 or CT Route 34.

To reach Bethany, take CT Routes 63, 69 or 42.

Derby is located off CT Route 8 at Exits 15 - 18.

East Haven is accessible via I-95 at exits 48 - 51, or I-91 at exit 8.

To reach Hamden, from I-91 take exit 10, or CT Route 15.

Milford, which runs along Long Island Sound, is reachable via I-95, exits 34-40.

The City of New Haven is reachable via I-95 at exits 45 - 48, I-91, exits 6 and 7. The northwestern corner of the city can be reached via CT Route 15.

To reach North Branford, take I-95 to exit 55 and follow CT Route 22.

North Haven is located off I-91 at Exits 9 - 12. U.S. Route 5 also runs through North Haven.

Orange is reached via I-95 at exit 41, CT Route 15 (exits 56 and 57) and CT Route 34.

In northernmost community in the region, Prospect is bisected by CT Route 69 (north/south) and CT Route 68 (east/west). The nearest major roads are I-84 to the north (pick up Route 69 at Exit 24) and CT Route 8 to the west (pick up Route 68 at exit 28).

Shelton is off CT Route 8 at exits 12 - 15.

West Haven can be reached via I-95 at Exits 41 - 45.

Woodbridge is located just north of New Haven, and is accessible via CT Routes 63, 67 and 69.

Auto Routes to the Central Connecticut Region

Getting to the Central CT Region By Car

From New York City, New Jersey and points south and east: Take I-84 east or I-95 north to I-91 north (in New Haven). Both highways run into Central CT.

From Eastern CT, Rhode Island and points east: Take I-95 south to Route 9 (in Old Saybrook). Take Route 9 north into Central CT.

From Massachusetts, Vermont and points north: Take I-91 south to Central CT.

Auto Routes to the Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline

Getting to the River Valley and Shoreline By Car

From New York, New Jersey and points south and west, take I-95 north. The River Valley begins in Branford, at exit 55.

From Providence, Mystic, Boston and points east and north, take I-95 south. The River Valley begins in Old Saybrook, at exit 69.

From Western and Central Massachusetts, Vermont and points north, take I-91 south. Pick up CT Route 9 south for the eastern side of the Valley, and stay on I-91 for the western side.

To reach the different towns in the River Valley and Shoreline, there are three different main routes, I-95, CT I-91 and CT Route 9:

Branford is located off I-95 at exit 55.

Chester is located off Route 9 at exit 6.

Clinton is located off I-95 at exit 63.

Cromwell is located off Route 9 at exit 18.

Deep River is located off Route 9, by going north at exit 6.

Durham is located off CT Route 17, reachable from both I-95 and Route 9.

East Haddam is reachable by taking exit 7 off Route 9 and heading east over the Connecticut River.

East Hampton can be reached by taking Route 66 from Route 9 (at exit 18) east, over the Connecticut River.

Essex is located off Route 9, at exit 3.

Guilford is located off I-95, at exits 57, 58 and 59.

Haddam is located off Route 9, at exit 7.

Killingworth is reached by taking exit 63 off I-95, and following Route 81 north into town.

Madison is located off I-95 at exit 61.

Meriden is reached by taking I-91 to I-691, off exit 8.

Middlefield is reached by taking Route 9 to CT Route 66, to CT Route 157 south.

Middletown is located off Route 9 at exit 18.

Old Saybrook is located off I-95 at exits 67 and 68.

Portland is located off Route 9 at exit 18.

Wallingford is reached by taking U.S. Route 5 north from I-91 at exit 12.

Westbrook is located off I-95 at exits 65 and 66.