Interstate highways and local roads serve Mystic Connecticut

Auto Routes to Northeast Connecticut

Getting to Northeast Connecticut by Car
Two interstate highways run through Northeast CT, leading to the state and U.S. highways that course through the state. I-395 moves northward through the region, and is accessible from I-95 which runs along coastal Connecticut. I-84 runs northeastward through Hartford and into the Northwest Corner of the region.

How to reach the various towns:
  • Ashford can be reached via state route 89 or US Highway 44.
  • Brooklyn is bisected by U.S. Route 6, accessible from I-395.
  • Canterbury is located off CT state route 14, or scenic highway 169.
  • To reach Chaplin, take U.S. Route 6, from I-395 or I-84.
  • Columbia is reachable from state Route 66 or Route 87.
  • To get to Coventry, take I-84 to Route 31 South, to U.S. 44.
  • Eastford can be reached state Route 198 south from I-84 or U.S. 44.
  • Take I-395 to U.S. Route 6 (Exit 91) West to reach Hampton.
  • Killingly can be reached due North, right off of I-395.
  • To reach Lebanon, take I-395 to Route 2 West.
  • Mansfield can be reached by taking CT state Route 32 North to Route 195.
  • Plainfield is located off I-395, exits 87 through 90.
  • For a scenic route to Pomfret, take state Route 169 North from I-395.
  • Putnam is located of I-395 at exits 95, 96 and 97.
  • To reach the town of Scotland, take I-395 to state Route 97 North.
  • Sterling can be reached by taking I-395 to Route 14 East (exit 89). Sterling is located off of Route 14.
  • In the furthest corner of Northeast CT, Thompson is located off I-395 at exits 98-100.
  • In the Northwest corner of the region, Union is located off of I-84 at exits 73 and 74.
  • Willington is located off of I-84 at exit 71.
  • Windham (and Willimantic) can be reached via state Route 32 North, off Route 2.
  • To reach Woodstock, take scenic Route 169 North from I-395.