Interstate highways and local roads serve Litchfield Connecticut

Auto Routes to the Litchfield Hills

Getting to the Litchfield Hills By Car

From Long Island, New York City or Westchester County:

Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to the Saw Mill River Parkway, to I-684 North to I-84 East via Danbury to the town routing listed below.

From New Jersey:

Take the Tappan Zee Bridge, then Exit 8 onto either I-287 east or the Sawmill River Parkway. Then pick up I-684 north to I-84 east via Danbury to the town routing listed below.

From Boston or Hartford:

Take the Mass Turnpike (I-90) west to the Sturbridge Exit. Take I-84 West via Hartford to the town routing listed below.

Town Routing:

Southbury -- Exit 15 off I-84 to CT Route 6

Bristol -- Exit 31 off I-84 to Route 229 to Route 72 or Route 6

Litchfield -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to Exit 42. Pick up Route 118 west to Route 202.

Torrington -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to Exit 44.

New Milford -- Take 7 off I-84 to Route 7 north. Pick up Route 202 or Route 7.

Winsted/Norfolk -- Take Route 8 north out of Danbury to the end of the highway (in Winsted) to Route 44 north.

Salisbury/Lakeville -- Take I -684 north to Route 22 north. Pick up Route 44 east into Salisbury.

Auto Routes to the Housatonic Valley of Connecticut

Getting to the Housatonic Valley by Car

The Housatonic Valley is reachable via I-84 (New York is to the West, Hartford to the East), or from I-95 take U.S. 7, Route 58 or Route 25 North.

Here's where you'll find the region's various towns:

Bethel is bisected by CT Routes 302, 58 and 53. U.S. Route 6 and I-84 run across the northern part of the town.

Bridgewater is found off of CT Routes 67 and 133.

Brookfield can be reached on U.S. Route 7. The center of town is at the intersection of CT State Routes 25 and 133.

I-84 runs directly through the center of Danbury, which is reachable from exits 1 - 8 off the interstate. U.S. Route 7 also traverses Danbury, as well as CT State Routes 37 and 39.

New Fairfield town center is found at the intersection of CT State Routes 37 and 39.

New Milford is the region's northernmost town, and is reached via U.S. 7/202 and CT State Route 67.

Newtown is the Housatonic valley's eastern-most town, and is located off exits 9, 10 and 11 off I-84. The town center is right near the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and CT Route 25.

Redding can be reached by taking CT Routes 53, 58 and 107.

Ridgefield is the region's southernmost town, and the center of town is located where CT Routes 33, 35, 102 and 116 converge. U.S. Route 7 follows a north/south course along the eastern edge of the town.

Rural Sherman is bisected by CT Route 37. The town center is at the intersection of Route 37 and CT Route 39, which comes to an end there.