Biking paths are numerous in Litchfield Connecticut

Railroad Ramble

Route 41 and Main Street in Lakeville to Library Street in Salisbury Lakeville to Salisbury, CT Phone:

Trail Length: 1.7 miles

The Railroad Ramble occupies a corridor abandoned by the Central New England Railroad. In Lakeville, the trail can be found just off of Route 41 at the back edge of a recreational complex with ball fields and tennis courts. It is necessary to climb up an embankment to get onto the abandoned railroad corridor. The trail here is dirt and grass. The dirt and grass end at Walton Street where the trail shares the street's asphalt surface for a couple of blocks. At the end of Walton Street, the trail surface is dirt and grass until it ends at Library Street in Salisbury.

Parking & Trail Access:
The Railroad Ramble parallels US Route 44 in Lakeville and Salisbury. Trail users can access the trail from the ballfield at Route 41 and Main Street across from the fire station or Walton Street in Lakeville, Salmon Kill Road in Salisbury or via Library Street and Railroad Street in Salisbury. There is limited trail user parking in Lakeville and in Salisbury.
Trail Surfaces: Asphalt, grass, dirt Trail Activities: Bike, horseback riding, walking, cross country skiing

Middlebury Greenway

Junction of Routes 64 and 63 to Quassy Amusement Park Middlebury, CT Phone:

Trail Length: 4.4 miles

This asphalt path winds 4.4 miles through the residential community of Middlebury. While State Route 64 parallels the greenway for its entire length, the road won't lessen your enjoyment. The trail follows the contours of the land, making it hillier than a typical rail trail. If you're taking the trail out and back, travel east to west for an easier downhill return. Parking on the east end is also more convenient. The initial stretch is an in-town trail passing local businesses. Farther west you'll come upon two small nicely landscaped parks. Alternating between woods and residential areas, the trail continues 2 miles to Meadowview Park. Approaching the trail's west end, you'll overlook Lake Quassapaug and its sandy beach, and pass Quassy Amusement Park. The trail ends at an access road leading to a Little League baseball field.

Parking & Trail Access:
To reach the eastern trailhead, take Interstate 84 to Exit 17 and follow State Route 64 west. After going through one traffic light at State Route 63 junction, you'll see a parking lot on the right. The trail starts on the other side of 64.
To reach the western terminus from I-84, take Exit 16 and follow State Route 188 north for almost 3 miles. At the junction with State Route 64, you'll see Meadowview Park on the left. You may load or unload bikes in the baseball field's parking lot, but long-term parking is not an option.
Trail Surfaces: Asphalt
Trail Activities: Bike, inline skating, wheelchair accessible, walking