Find an avenue into New England stories from local artwork

Every New England state has its own particular character, based on history and geography, one large factor being whether a place is on the sea or in the mountains or the farmlands. Art reflects culture, and the magnificent art of New England is an avenue into local culture. Many New England restaurants and lodgings display the art that tells their stories, of things like Revolutionary War battles; sailing, fishing, or whaling expeditions; traditional industries and crafts; or simply landscapes and seascapes. Don’t hesitate to ask your hosts about the stories behind the artwork on their walls; they are happy to invite you in to local history.

Lodgings with Art in Connecticut
The Connecticut Yacht Painting - Griswold Inn - Essex, CT
The Griswold Inn

36 Main Street Essex, CT, 06426 Phone: 860-767-1776

Noted examples of marine art, illustrations part of this inn’s impressive collection

The historic halls of the charming Griswold Inn, one of the oldest continuously operated inns in the country, are graced with an outstanding collection of marine art and artifacts from the Golden Era of steamboating and beyond, making it the largest marine art collection in private hands today. The collection includes prints by Currier & Ives and Endicott & Co.; ship’s portraits by James Bar, Antonio Jacobsen and Charles Parsons; and illustrations by Samuel Ward Stanton and Norman Rockwell. The inn, which was established in 1776, also has an extensive collection of firearms used during the Revolution and the War of 1812 as well as weapons made by Samuel Colt and others. Check the website for information on when art tours are available.